Junior competition

Competition is key to the development of tennis players.
How much should juniors be competing?
Practice Matches and Training Events
Matches in Main Events (per yr)
Under 10 
2 full sets or 2 abbreviated scoring matches per week 
Up to 40 matches
Under 12 
4 sets or 2 full matches per week
40-60 matches
Under 14 
4 sets or 2 full matches per week
50-80 matches
Under 16
6 sets or 3 full matches per week 
60-80 matches
Under 18
6 sets or 3 full matches per week 
60-80 matches
These guidelines are designed for juniors wishing to fulfil their potential and play at the highest levels. Perhaps it is surprising for some how much competition is recommended. I'm not suggesting all juniors play this much, but more competition is needed! It is vital to any players development.
Fortunately there are a number of events in and around Sussex.
For events in Sussex: www.lta.org.uk/in-your-area/sussex/  
The emphasis on these events is very much on Fun and learning how to play points/Mini matches. Matches will count towards Mini ratings.
Juniors wanting to compete in matchplays/tournament require an LTA rating. To join British Tennis and get a rating Click Here. Want to know more about ratings? Ratings explained. To start off with an appropriate rating in line with your playing standard, rather than at the bottom (10.2) fill in an LTA rating questionnaire and ask a qualified coach like myself to sign it and suggest a starting rating.  
Junior matchplays to be held at Storrington LTC. These events are open to juniors from all clubs with the relevant rating in their age group. All players get two matches, and we guarantee at least one match against a player of the same rating or higher. All matchplays run on Sunday afternoons from 2pm - 6pm, they offer excellent value for money with an entry fee of £10 per matchplay.
We offer matchplay opportunities for U12, U14, and U16 Boys and girls from ratings 8.2 to 10.2.
Junior National Club League (JNCL)
If you want to be part of JNCL you must be a member of a club and have a rating. Storrington LTC enter a number of teams in different age groups each spring/summer. Each team is made up of four members who complete four singles matches and two doubles against other clubs.  
Road to Wimbledon 
We also offer this Road to Wimbledon U14 boys and girls competition, usually starts in April yearly.